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Are you interested in one of our special lease offers but would prefer to put less/more money down, increase/lower annual mileage limits or shorten/extend the term of your lease? We can even structure a "One Pay" lease where all your costs can be paid for in advance with one lump payment.

To receive a customized special lease offer answer the questions below and one of our agents will prepare a custom lease specifically tailored to you.

Vehicle/Finance Info:

For Example - 2 Door, 4 Door, SE, SEL, Manual, Automatic. If you are not familiar with our trim levels just specify manual or automatic and enter the options that are important to you and we will match you up with the right one.
If Available.
FYI - In most cases a 3-year term provides the lowest payment.
7.5k, 10k, 12k, 15k or 18k.
How much would you like to put down in addition to your inception fees and taxes?
Inception fees are standard charges incurred at the beginning of a lease. Inception fees vary by dealer but Crestmont's inception fees are typically found to be the lowest of all competing dealers in our area. Our inception fees are made up of Registration Fees ($244.90 & up), Documentation Fee ($396.50), Bank Fee ($625) & your 1st payment. They are typically paid at the beginning of a lease but can be added to the monthly payment instead. Hint - Paying your inception fees upfront will result in a lower monthly payment.
FYI - Your tax rate is determined by the zip code of where your vehicle will be registered not where you make your purchase. The tax rate for the state of NJ is 7%. Hint - Paying your taxes upfront will result in a lower monthly payment.
How much would you like to put down in addition to your inception fees and taxes?
A one pay lease is similar to a standard lease in that you are purchasing the use of the vehicle only for a set period of time. Like a standard lease, you agree to return the vehicle to the dealer in good condition and under a pre-determined number of miles at the end of this time. The difference is that instead of making monthly payments throughout this period, the entire amount is paid at the beginning of the lease.
Please include any special instructions for the agent preparing your custom lease quote here.

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